Audio by artist dvnator

TMC1 - Take 1

1:24 minutes (1.56 MB)

1 or 2 watt single ended wreck using a 6F4P output tube. It's an SM57 on a celestion 70th Anniv Speaker. All controls at noon and volume at about 2 o'clock. More clips here

TMC1 and Thrifty Wreck by DvNator

1:06 minutes (1.5 MB)

First part is the TMC1 and the second part is the Thrifty Wreck.

Low V Hack Job

0:42 minutes (665.76 KB)

This is a quick clip of an amp I built with a 12AX7 preamp and 12AU7 self split output. The heaters are running on a 12v laptop power supply and the B+ is off a 30v (but actually puts out 38v) printer power supply. And it's built in a baking pan. The OT is a little MPS 22.5k.
It's recorded using my phone.

Low V Hack Job part II

0:35 minutes (691.37 KB)

This is another version of my amp with a 12vdc wall wart for the heaters and a 30v printer power supply for the B+
This time, instead of a self split output section, I'm using one triode for a gain stage and one for a SE output. I'm using a tiny reverb transformer for the OT. It's pretty much all gain but I think it's an improvement over the self split design.

6F4P Wreck - First try

0:56 minutes (1.28 MB)

It's got a really annoying loud hum but it does the clean to mean ok.

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