Regarding contact cleaners …

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I have a friend who needed a contact cleaner , I suggested Caig , he sent me this …: "
Deoxit D5 may be a problem with some pots because the thinning solvent can sometimes dissolve the adhesive holding the carbon contacts on the inside. It is recommended to use 100% Deoxit in pots, followed by Caig Shield or Gold, followed by Faderlube: see attached scan of a Deoxit white paper. The solvent in the D5 can also dissolve the existing lubricant in the pots so the addition of Faderlube resolves this issue. Faderlube is designed for this purpose and won't create an attraction situation as described earlier in this thread. “

Any opinions about this … Is it that Caig wants us to buy every product they make or is this correct ??? I’ve probably been using the wrong stuff for years … Shocked


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