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Wattkins Amp Forums consists of four different web sites with common log-on credentials (your login information works on all four web sites):

  1. wattkins.com
    You are here! This web site is for general tube amp and instrument building discussions as well as the community center! This is the place to hang out with other amp and instrument builders.

  3. sewatt.com
    This is the home of all kinds of single-ended tube amp building and discussions! It is also the home of the largest collection of Valve Junior mods on the planet.

  5. ppwatt.com
    This is the home of all kinds of push-pull tube amp building and discussions!

  7. 45watt.com
    This is the home of all kinds of JTM45-type and Bassman tube amp building and discussions!

  9. tubeface.com
    This is our online store where we sell custom parts for forum projects.

Also, please check out our good friends over at 18watt.com.

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