Audio by artist kyoungsteadt

Octal Fatness-RFD

1:02 minutes (974.74 KB)

Here's the RFD clip from sewatt for comparison to Kato's clips. RFD into an Octal Fatness set cleanish.

Amplitube2 for iPad Clip

1:09 minutes (1.57 MB)

Making some noise with Amplitube2 Free for iPad recorded on the iPad. Wave file edited in Logic Pro. MP3 converted using SoundConverter.

Pushy Croaker Teaser

0:52 minutes (817.19 KB)

Originally posted at PPWatt.

Pushy Croaker Dry

0:42 minutes (660.45 KB)

Pushy Croaker Wet

0:42 minutes (660.45 KB)

RFD Compare

1:08 minutes (1.3 MB)

This is a comparison of four RFD pedals. All with different clipping diode configurations. Can you hear a difference?

This was just a down and dirty recording using the built-in mic on my iMac into Logic Pro. Fast and easy.

Rock's Thrifty Wreck Les Paul Studio

1:59 minutes (1.82 MB)

1x12 WGS British Lead 80 speaker.

Rock's Thrifty Wreck Explorer

2:00 minutes (1.83 MB)

1x12 WGS British Lead 80 speaker

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