RFD+2 Rising Sun

Demo of the RFD+2 with three RFD gain stages and a single output buffer as per the "RF Drive, and what we might try next" thread under Pedals & Effects. Epiphone Les Paul Studio starting off with the neck pickup with the pedal in bypass, moving to the bridge pickup still bypassed, then rhythm with 1 stage switched in at full gain, and finally a lead with all 3 stages switched in at close to full gain. The amp is a 3 watt subminiature valve version of an 18W Superlite TMB. Set fairly clean with the preamp gain and master volume both set to 2, VVR about 7 for a bit above TV volume. For the rest it was a 2x12 closed back cab, vocal mic, Mackie Onyx 1220 mixer, Cubase with no effects or EQ.

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