Sveta 6V6 Superlite

3:59 minutes (7.29 MB)

My friend Kris playing (kind of rough) ...
Sveta, 6V6 Superlite in high power mode, Dean Dime on Bridge Dime Bucker PU, with EH Linear Power Booster, into Framus 4x12 cabinet

Sveta 6V6 Superlite

1:17 minutes (2.35 MB)

Low power LTD "SG" w/ EMG's with LPB on through Framus 4x12 cabinet

Sveta 6V6 Superlite

1:44 minutes (3.18 MB)

High power, Ibanez Ghost Rider the only changes are the guitar controls, you can hear the switch from bridge to neck and then back ... Framus 4x12 cab

Born Toulouse

4:54 minutes (2.8 MB)

BT’s interpretation of the classic Low Spark…

@ amps at once ...

4:42 minutes (2.69 MB)

Here’s a song at the Conservency gig , two amps , one wet one dry ...

Drive Cover

6:03 minutes (5.55 MB)

Strat with 50’s wiring … a little Bonamassa cover we did at the gig last Thursday ...

Stargeezers aka Born Toulouse …

5:09 minutes (2.95 MB)

52 LP playing Robben Ford cover …

52 LP Born Toulouse … when the BEER kicks in …

5:08 minutes (2.94 MB)

LP at band practice …

‘52LP Born Toulouse … again

3:27 minutes (1.98 MB)

Our bastard version of Locomotive breath … The SRV (ish) version of Tull … hahahaha

Special 6K6-GT 10 Watt Tweed Deluxe Type Combo Amp

1:52 minutes (2.14 MB)

This is an Audio Clip from a Special Tube Rectified 6K6-GT 10 Watt Tweed Deluxe Type Combo Amp. Housed in a Pine Finger Jointed Champ sized Cabinet with Weber 8A125 Alnico Speaker. This was recorded on an Iphone 11 during a party where there was a Dart Match happening and much drinking was occurring and I apologize for the audio quality. Most of it was just Amp with Volume at 3-4 or 7.

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