Raw Guitar Track Reamped Through Tour TW (Good One)

1:56 minutes (1.77 MB)

This is Bronsboi's raw guitar track (second one with the EQ removed) reamped through Rock Mumbles Thrifty Wreck Tour Amp > Isolation Speaker Cab > SM57 > Pocket Wavepad App on iPhone.

Speaker Cone Elmer's Glue Before and After 1 Coat

1:03 minutes (987.75 KB)

It's tough to hear, but there is a subtle difference between the first section and second section, with slightly more highs post treatment. There is more difference in the room. Sorry about the dead spaces, this was a raw recording dumped out lazily.

1976 Eminence Aluminum Can Dustcap

0:47 minutes (731.43 KB)

First sample is original speaker. Second sample with 1 coat of 50/50 elmer's glue/water. 3rd sample with dustcap removed. 4th sample is with the aluminum can dustcap (cut from the bottom of an aluminum can).


Mini amp 1

0:31 minutes (307.95 KB)

Mini amp 1 ... SG Cleans


0:33 minutes (325.54 KB)

more ... all on left Wing .. coil cut humpup...


0:35 minutes (339.82 KB)

The dirt ...

18 Watt OT Test - Carvin 50W OT

1:03 minutes (1.46 MB)

Test track re-amped through 18 Watt Lite2b channel Volume at 9:30, Tone at 3:00
Factory Carvin 50 Watt OT 4K primary doubled with 8 ohm speaker on 4 ohm tap.

18 Watt OT Test - Classic Tone 18 Watt OT

1:04 minutes (1.47 MB)

Test track re-amped through 18 Watt Lite2b channel Volume at 9:30, Tone at 3:00
Classic Tone 18 Watt OT.

18 Watt OT Test - Classic Tone OT/ Top Boosted Pentode Pre

1:04 minutes (1.47 MB)

Test track re-amped through 18 Watt Top Boosted Pentode Channel
Classic Tone 18 Watt OT

Low V Hack Job

0:42 minutes (665.76 KB)

This is a quick clip of an amp I built with a 12AX7 preamp and 12AU7 self split output. The heaters are running on a 12v laptop power supply and the B+ is off a 30v (but actually puts out 38v) printer power supply. And it's built in a baking pan. The OT is a little MPS 22.5k.
It's recorded using my phone.

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