Mix clip on Take III by Daviedawg

1:08 minutes (2.59 MB)

Homebrew strat, Take III reverb, selfsplit headphone amp with line out to Audacity. Featuring the reverb not focussing on the playing. Level about 50%. Mix about 60% dry.

6F4P dynamics_1 by Joe

1:44 minutes (1.59 MB)

I modified the 4w plexi a little. In this clip I've got the amp set up so I don't change any settings on amp or guitar for this clip. It's all just pick attack. If I roll up the guitar volume it's full on distortion. Please forgive, I know I'm a crappy player Smile

Lap Steel’s first song with the band...

6:10 minutes (3.53 MB)

Tuesday Night Beer Club ..

Big Red and DCBBSE amp , and some other guys ...

5:39 minutes (3.24 MB)

Live at the Studio ... Monday Night Beer Club ... MNBC

6F4P Wreck - First try

0:56 minutes (1.28 MB)

It's got a really annoying loud hum but it does the clean to mean ok.

Guitarix Demo

1:36 minutes (1.95 MB)

Demo of Guitarix amp sim software vs a couple of real amps.

TMC 1W TMB Demo 1

1:47 minutes (1.64 MB)

Demo of the TMC 1W TMB. Clean sections have Volume 2.5 and Master 4.5 with both pickups. Dirty in this clip is all preamp distortion with Volume 7 and Master 2 to bring it down to an equivalent level, on the bridge pickup. Treble 6, Mid 6 and Bass 4.

TMC 1W TMB Demo 2

0:43 minutes (680.52 KB)

Demo of the TMC 1W TMB. Volume 7.5, Master 7.5, Treble 6, Mid 6 and Bass 4. Rhythm section has guitar volume rolled off to 6, lead section on 10. Recorded with an Epi Les Paul, bridge pickup, through an L-Pad, 2x12 with MSP 12PQ15 speakers, JTS NX6 mic, Mackie Onyx 1220 mixer, Ardour DAW with no effects or EQ.

New jimi Strat WWP gig

2:31 minutes (1.44 MB)

Played into the Ab Min ... RFDrive (one germ) for ride (1) ..

More jimi Strat

5:34 minutes (3.19 MB)

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