Low V Hack Job part II

0:35 minutes (691.37 KB)

This is another version of my amp with a 12vdc wall wart for the heaters and a 30v printer power supply for the B+
This time, instead of a self split output section, I'm using one triode for a gain stage and one for a SE output. I'm using a tiny reverb transformer for the OT. It's pretty much all gain but I think it's an improvement over the self split design.

B9 Organ pedal ...

2:55 minutes (1.67 MB)

Here’s the band all Beer’d up , doing an Oldie ...

Watts the Secret, Man ? by Katopan

3:12 minutes (5.88 MB)

Katopan playing Watts the Secret, Man ?

Watts the Secret, Man by Katopan

3:12 minutes (7.34 MB)

Katopan playing Watts the Secret, Man?

Organ Pedal 2

3:11 minutes (1.82 MB)

Dragged this one out for the pedal test , then forgot the chords... Duh !!! Most any song can come up at practice , the question is remembering ...

StarGeezers SD version

6:13 minutes (3.56 MB)

a guitar band re creation of the Steely Dan/Michael Mc Donald selection ...

Pushy Croaker Self-Split ...

1:15 minutes (737.03 KB)

Tested after troubleshooting ... going through the pup switch ...

6.3v Pinnacle reverb by Daviedawg

0:57 minutes (2.18 MB)

Reverb range by Daviedawg

1:46 minutes (4.04 MB)

Clip to demonstrate range of level adjustment in Take III reverb. humbuckers direct through reverb unit into interface. No amp etc.

Sample of reverb in action by Daviedawg

0:38 minutes (1.44 MB)

Yamaha SF500 direct through Take III reverb unit into interface. No amp etc.

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